Bridge Etiquette

Lymington Bridge Club


Bridge Etiquette

  1. Each partnership should have a convention card for the opponents to look at, if they wish.
  2. Count your cards (face downwards) before looking at them.
  3. When bidding is completed, leave bidding cards on the table until the lead has been established.
  4. Please lead before writing the contract on your score card or using the Bridgemate.
  5. When you lead, place your card face down on the table before asking your partner if he/she has any questions.
  6. During the bidding sequence, only ask questions if you intend to bid. All other questions can be asked before the play begins.
  7. Be aware of when to ‘alert’ and when to 'announce' the meaning of a bid.  If you alert your partner's bid, do not say anything unless the opponents ask.
  8. Be aware of the correct use of the ‘Stop’ card. (Instructions are on the reverse of the card itself.)
  9. Do not touch the bidding box or ‘hover over it’ until you have decided what bid you will make.
  10. Dummy should keep hands on lap until a card is requested by declarer.

Club Etiquette

  1. Remember, bridge is to be enjoyed!
  2. Greet partners and opponents and thank them afterwards.
  3. Please arrive in plenty of time as the Director needs to select the movement on the computer.
  4. North is in charge of the table and will operate the Bridgemate (they can delegate this to South).  When each hand is complete, North will pass the Bridgemate to East to confirm that the details (the contract and the score) have been entered correctly.  East should Accept (or ask for correction) and then return the Bridgemate to North.  If time permits, North will show the table the scores achieved on other tables.
  5. Please do not discuss hands until you have played your allocated set, then, if necessary and where there is time, discuss QUIETLY as nearby tables will be playing the hands after you.
  6. If a pair is discussing their bidding or play, do not join in unless your opinion is requested.
  7. Always call the Director if there is a debatable point at your table eg a bid out of turn, a revoke, insufficient bid, long pause before passing and lead out of turn.
  8. Before leaving, please give support with the clearing up – the club relies on all our members to help.
  9. Thank the Director.

October 2022


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