Lymington League

The Lymington League originally started as an off shoot of Charter Bridge Club. The League offers a gentle introduction to 'teams' for players already familiar with duplicate bridge. The season runs from October to May each year.


The League originally played their games at The Lymington Centre but they have now moved to Boldre Memorial Hall.


There are currently 7 teams who play gainst each other monthly during the winter months. Many of the players happen to be YD members - eg Tony Elliott has a team with Andrew Bingley, Paul Londesborough, Bernie Marsh, Lynda Grundy and John Taylor. David Heywood has a team with Phil Lovegrove, Julia Wood and Pat Maycock-Elliott, John Phillips and Sue Boyt. Michael Branfoot too runs a team containing Judith Jackson and Jane Scourse. Michael Yeo has a team - Vivien Sheath, Tim Holt, Stevie Parker and Rose Kennard.


The teams names are Lymington, Brockenhurst, Pilley, Lyndhurst, Everton, Lentune, Alpha and Hayloft. The winning team this year - called Lymington - consists of Peggy Bennett, Phillipa Bateman, Fran Alexander, Graham Foster and Yvonne Moores.  Tony Elliott's team called Hayloft came second.


The individual teams are not entered through the bridge clubs. Each team is entered by their captain who chooses the players and the team name. 


The league is organised by Guy Lawrenson. There is room for one more team as Pilley has now dropped out so please contact him if you are interested in entering another one - or 01590 622917.

Yearly Club Competitions

Internal Competitions

There are 3 YEARLY competitions that are set up on Pianola and it uses the data over the year to work out the winners from all Club members who take part.

The Most Improved Player

The Individual Champion

The Overall THURSDAY Pairs Champions

To see the running results just go to Competitons at the top of your Pianola screen once you have logged in.



The EBU (English Bridge Union) runs numerous events nationally that all clubs may enter.

Simultaneous Pairs (SIM pairs) have a double interest as the game becomes both a local and national session. The contents of all the hands are electronically generated by the English Bridge Union and a dealing file sent to each participating club so they can each produce the boards with the cards in the order determined. This means that all the hands being played in our Club are exactly the same as those being played around the country - sometimes even in other countries. So, although you initially play in the Club against other members, all the results are collated together and everyone is ranked nationally - sometimes with their scores going up or down as they are being scored against many others. Because there may be several hundred players taking part, the number of master points you can get may be in the 100s. You are able to go over the boards afterwards as a commentary is published.

Other bodies organise SIM pairs games too (Ecats and EBED) - eg the Club always runs Children in Need games and these are very well supported in several countries


Hants and IOW County Championship

Winter League - Individuals from across the county and IOW may enter teams for this league and the teams are placed in a division just like football. 

Really top class players have teams in Division 1. Michael Yeo was part of a Division 1 team. Division 2 still has high calibre players/teams.

Andrew Bingley's team is in Division 3 together with Tony Elliott's team (Bernie Marsh, Jo Morrow, and David Heywood). Stevie Parker and Vivien Sheath were members of another Divison 3 team.

Whilst Andrew's team came top this year ( Paul Londesborough, Julian Patten, Lynda Grundy and John Taylor), Tony's came second so both are waiting to see if they have been promoted to Division 2!

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