Lymington Bridge Club – Coronavirus Policy

Whilst we want to continue with business as usual for as long as possible, with the spread of this virus we all have responsibility to take measures to keep ourselves and other club members safe.  Please follow the guidelines below when playing bridge.


1.     Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water when you come to the Club and use the hand sanitiser before playing and at tea break.


2.    Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze.

3.    Put tissues in the bin straight away and wash your hands afterwards. 


4.    Make use of the anti-bacterial wipes to clean the Bridgemates before play begins and also to clean the computer keyboard and mouse if appropriate.


5.    If you bring a visitor, please make them aware of the hygiene procedures beforehand


6.    Wash your hands when you get home.


1.     Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth during play - your hands are unlikely to be clean.  

2.    PLEASE do not come to the Club if you have any respiratory illness or think you might have Coronavirus OR in the last 14 days you’ve been to a country or area with a high risk of Coronavirus OR you’ve been in close contact with someone with Coronavirus.


Obviously if you feel unwell, call NHS 111 which has an online Coronavirus helpline and can advise you on what to do.

Remember we have a ‘host system’ so there is no need to feel guilty about not attending a bridge session if you feel at all unwell.

The Board will keep the situation under review and will advise members if/when it is deemed necessary to close the Club.

March 2020

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