Joining During Covid-19


When the Club is open, the normal joining procedure is outlined in Information for Prospective Members which is accessed from another tab on the website so please read this first.

Whilst the Club is closed however, providing online bridge only, you are still able to apply for membership if you live locally and have access to the necessary technology for playing on BBO and/or RealBridge. The procedure however just needs to be slightly different to the original one.

If you are planning to join the Club, you may come and play online at the Virtual YD on a Wednesday afternoon or Thursday evening on BBO as a guest of a member or as pair or on Realbridge on a Friday afternoon where there is a host. Depending on your level, you could also join the Gentle Duplicate on a Friday morning as a visitor. This takes place on RealBridge together with Zoom. (SEE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS AND COST)

You need to still be proposed by a member of 2 years plus and seconded by another member.  If you are new to the area you might want to play a few times and get to know some members first. Once these have been found, the application form needs to completed and signed by all parties and this would need to happen by scanning and circulating if people cannot meet in person. The form is then returned to the Secretary. Page 2 of the form (with no details) will be circulated to all members by email in order for any objections to be raised. There does not need to be the customary 1 month time period.

The potential member will need to play 3 assessments sessions, one ideally on RealBridge with an experienced member of the Club. The 2 other games could be with the proposer and seconder or each other if joining as a pair. Our Assessment Coordinator is able to organise this and would be in contact.

If no objections are received and the potential member achieves the standards required, they will be offered membership. The joining fee is £40 with an annual subscription fee of £40 also.

Please fill out the contact form on the website if you would like more details.

Chrissy Thomas

Hon Sec

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