April 2021


It’s been a while since the last newsletter but our Chairman has been keeping you up to date on a weekly basis with the bridge being offered at the Club.  It has been really great that we have all been able to continue with the game we love over this last year.


The repointing of the brickwork has been completed and members are now able to resume parking in the carpark after Tuesday when the scaffolding is removed.

Whilst the scaffolding was in position, it gave us an opportunity to examine the lantern on the roof. The woodwork is in urgent need of attention and some remedial carpentry will be required. This is likely to cost in the region of £6k.  It is possible that this work will be carried out in the summer.

Central Southern Security has installed a new security alarm system at the Club. This does not affect the keypad entry for members.

Card room ventilation remains a major issue with the building especially for when we are able to return to face to face bridge.

Re-opening of the Club

Two of our Directors (Andrew Boyd and Marilyn Finlay) are leading our work on re-opening the Club and are considering measures being adopted by other Clubs as well as guidance from the EBU and other industry bodies. The building has problems due to its size and fairly cramped conditions in the kitchen and hallway.  We will keep you informed as to what progress is being made in this area. There no doubt will be further cost implications before we can hope to offer any sort of Covid secure environment, especially as the card room ventilation will need to be improved. It is also likely that we will survey you to get your views about returning.

Bridge Logo

Thank you to the 9 members who returned their ideas for a Club logo. The Directors were not able however to find any submission totally satisfactory for our needs and of course any final design would need to be professionally produced so it can be used on all our platforms.  We would like to incorporate aspects of some of the entries. Please let us know if you are aware of anyone who has graphic design experience that might be able to help us in this regard before we go down the route of employing a professional company. We would like to have something in place for our special year in 2022.


Lockdown League 7 will finish on May 3rd. We will not be continuing with this event over the summer but offering instead a duplicate pairs session (subject to demand) starting on Monday 10th May.  Andrew will be compiling another host list for this which will be in reverse alphabetical order from people who regularly play on Mondays. You will be notified in advance plus it will be on the calendar on the website.


Our Gentle Duplicate sessions, run on RealBridge and Zoom on Friday mornings, are proving very popular with our students (including some new recruits) and also some of our club members.  Thanks to Fran for leading on this initiative and to Pat, Tony, Jo and Kate for their support.

Congratulations to all the Lymington players who made it through to the final of the Pottage Cup, and especially Michael Yeo who, with his partner Guy Lawrenson, came 4th and qualifies to play for the national Corwen Trophy.

We continue to participate in SIMS events, which give us all an opportunity to see how we do against a much wider field of players.  So far this year we have done two EBU SIMS events and also three charity SIMS.  In the most recent, the EBU Spring SIMS, played last week, Pat Maycock-Elliott & Alison Browne and Philippa Bateman & Graham Foster were the highest-placed of our local players.

Please consider offering your services to direct an online bridge session just to spread the load a bit over the summer when some existing volunteers might venture on holiday!


This is scheduled for July 14th. You will be hearing from our Chairman shortly about this but there will be vacancies for 3 Directors including the Secretary. Chris Seddon is definitely retiring and Andrew Bingley is able to stand for re-election for a second term.  There is a Bridge Committee vacancy with Agnes Swetman able to stand for another 3 years.

Derek Sheffer has wanted to retire from the job of auditing our accounts for a while. The Directors would like to express their appreciation for his invaluable help over the last few years with this task. The Directors have now appointed local accountants Westlake Clark to inspect our accounts.

150th Celebrations

As you know already, there is the celebration lunch at South Lawn next year in November to coincide with the publication of our history booklet being written by Roger Needell. I will continue to head the committee to organise this and anything else for our special year. The committee at present also comprises Sue Balfour and Marilyn Finlay. If anyone else would like to join us do let me know. Also if you have any thoughts about what we could do next year or have any contacts in (or experience of) the publishing business please do get in touch.

Our membership is steady at 152.

Chrissy Thomas

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