Logo Competition

Monday, 01 February 2021 by Christine Thomas

Now The Lymington Bridge Club website is well established and virtually everything now is operated electronically we thought it was time to have own Club logo. The new logo will appear on the website, on our headed notepaper and compliment slips and of course on the booklet about the Club’s history that Roger Needell is writing. This will coincide nicely also with the 150th anniversary celebrations planned for next year.

Bearing this in mind, we thought that it is an ideal opportunity during the lockdown for members to design a logo that the Club will be able to use rather than get a company to design one for us.

Your entry could be hand drawn or computer aided, preferably colour that the Club could use in the ways mentioned above. Obviously, if hand drawn, it could be scanned and resized for use electronically (or send paper copy in post) and if created on the computer would need to be a usable common file such as a jpeg or bmp.  I am sure we have plenty of members that are artistic that will rise to the challenge.

Please send your entries to me by end of February with the reasoning behind your design. The Board will decide on the winning entry and email the membership with the winning entry when a decision has been made.