The Club is now closed for the foreseeable future


(see help sheet) 


Congratulations to Jenny Stott and Pat Maycock-Elliott for their success in the recent Dorset "9 high" tournament

Season 4 of the Lockdown League finishes on Monday 19 October

We will be taking entries for Season 5 very soon


VIRTUAL YD is now available on BBO!

Children in Need and other events at the virtual YD

Children in Need SIMS - 2pm Wednesday 11 November - open to bridge players in the Lymington area

Further information about the Children in Need event

Sign-up sheet for the Children in Need SIMS


Future dates for your diary:

HIW Air Ambulance SIMS - 7pm Thursday 26 November - open to our usual Thursday evening players

Christmas Handicap Pairs - Friday 11 December - open to Club members only


Virtual YD is offering duplicate bridge on BBO on Wednesdays at 2pm and on Thursdays at 7pm.  Typically around 18 boards.

This is restricted to members and guests, so you need to sign up in advance:

Sign-up sheet for Wednesday afternoon

Sign-up sheet for Thursday evening

If you need a partner, why not use the Pianola partner finder?  Alternatively, sign up then go to the BBO Partnership Desk on the day - but be aware that you may not get a game.

On the day, you must register for the event (no earlier than 2 hours in advance) - look for VIRTUAL YD in the EBU tourneys on BBO (see FAQs)  Please make sure that you are registered and logged on by 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.

There is an entry fee of 3BB$ per player, so make sure you have some BB$ on your account.

See the instructions sent out to all Club members and the FAQs below for further details.


Why do I need to sign up in advance?

Unless you are on our list, the "BBO doorman" won't let you enter the tournament.

Why do I also need to register on BBO?

Think of this like buying your ticket for the event.  Both you and your partner need to be logged onto BBO, then one of you goes to register.  Choose Virtual Clubs, then EBU-England then search for VIRTUAL YD.  Then click on Register and enter the details for you and your partner - and pay. 

Please be online and registered no later than 10 minutes before the start time.

How do I buy BB$?

See the guidance on our "Online Bridge: Help with BBO" page

If I go to the event Partnership Desk on BBO, but no-one partners me, do I lose my 3BB$?

No.  You will only be charged if you get to play in the tournament.

Where do I find my results?

You will get notification from Pianola once we have sent the results to the EBU.  You can also access your results in BBO via the History tab.  And of course you can look at the Results page on this website.

Why am I playing against robots some of the time?

If we have a half table, we will make it up to a full table with BBO robots.  The robots play a 5 card major, strong NT system - but they describe their bids.

How do I defend against 5 card majors/ strong NT?

See this helpful presentation by Fran



The Lymington Club Ltd (often referred to as The Yellow Door) has its own premises in a listed building on St Thomas' Street, at the top of this busy market town next to Marks and Spencer.  We have a lovely bright card room and newly refurbished entrance and kitchen area. We are a  friendly club whose members meet up to five times a week for Duplicate Bridge. We have several social and charity bridge occasions during the year as well where our Social Committee always provide delicious homemade fare.

The Club has some parking available next door, and there is a large Council owned car park within 100 metres down the adjacent side road.  We run several competitions throughout the year and are affiliated to the EBU and to HIWCBA.


  Our charities this year are Lymington Community Association and Lymington Hospital Friends

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Our Premises


Stuck for a partner and want to play?

Login to Pianola and use PARTNER FINDER. You will also be able to see personal results history and analysis of your performance

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