RealBridge links

Links for up-coming events must only be used by Club members, their guests and visitors who the Club has authorised, in advance, to play.

Wednesday afternoons are now face-to-face and Monday evenings are on BBO.

Monday 20 Sept (Relaxed, Simple Systems)

Thursday 23 September

Friday 24 September


The links below will take you to past RealBridge events where you can not only look at the scores, but also the bidding and play on different tables.

Thursday 2 September  Friday 3 September  Monday 6 September 2pm (Relaxed, Simple Systems)  Thursday 9 September  Friday 10 September  EBU Handicap Pairs  Monday 13 September (Relaxed, Simple systems)  Thursday 16 September  Friday 17 September

Monday 2 August  Thursday 5 August  Friday 6 August  Thurs 12 August  Friday 13 August  Monday 16 August  Thursday 19 August  Friday 20 August  Monday 23 August  Thursday 26 August  Friday 27 August  Monday 30 August

Thursday 1 July  Friday 2 July  Monday 5 July  Thursday 8 July  Friday 9 July  Monday 12 July  Thursday 15 July  Friday 16 July  Monday 19 July  Thursday 22 July  Friday 23 July  Monday 26 July  Thursday 29 July (SIMS)  Friday 30 July 



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