Local Bridge League

This long standing team competition originated with the Charter Club.  It is now held at  the Yellow Door although we do not run it.   Guy Lawrensen co-ordinates the event(s)  guy.lawrensen@online.net or 01590 622917

Although the league is registered with the EBU which awards master points for games won, it offers a friendly introduction to team play for players familiar with duplicate bridge and games are played in a very non threatening environment

There are currently 8 teams who play against each other every second Wednesday in the month throughout the Winter months (October til May).  Many of the players are club members and several are team captains.  This year there are:-

Lymington (captain:  Peggy Bennet),  Brockenhurst (captain:  Guy Lawrensen),  Lentune (captain:  Michael Branfoot )  Alpha (captain: David Heywood),  Milford (captain:  Graham Foster)   Hayloft (captain :  Tony Elliott), Lyndhurst (captain: Michael Yeo) and Optimists (captain Andrew Boyd).  Lymington are the current champions.

If in the future you feel you would like to be involved, please contact Guy or a team captain.


Yearly Club Competitions

The Club runs three annual competitions that take account of play during the whole year.  They start in January and run until mid-December:-

Pairs   The pair with the highest average score over their 15 best games (excludes Wednesdays)

Individual   The member with the highest average score over their 30 best games (not Wednesdays)

Most Improved   The player whose Pianola average score increased the most during the year (30 games to qualify- all club pair sessions count)

To see the running results just go to Competitions at the top of the Pianola screen once you have logged in

Random Team Competitions

The Club holds two trophies donated in memory of prominent former members of  the Club and awarded for success in random teams events.  Enter a pair and on the day you will draw a second pair to form a team.

Sydney Blurton is held in March each year and Beryl Laine is held in September.


Hants and IOW County Championship

There are numerous opportunities to play in county wide competitions (look at HIWCBA website- go to LINKS).  These are a few of the ones we know our members play in.

Winter League   

Teams of four from across the County may enter this league and teams are placed in a division just like football.  Really top-class players will be in Division 1.  There are three divisions currently and some of our players have teams.  New teams are always welcome before the new season begins and prospective team captains should contact

Mike Kinsey(mike52kinsey@gmail.com)

HICKO  (Hampshire and Isle of Wight Knockout Competition)

This is a friendly county wide handicap competition – so less experienced players can compete against stronger ones knowing that their standard will be taken into account.  It is a knockout competition – the early rounds are  often played in members’ homes.  Michael Yeo’s team won last year.

Philip Graham Competition

This too is a team event (but it is a Swiss teams format).   We hosted it on behalf of the County last year and this year it will be held in the Isle of Wight.  A friendly afternoon.  Please think of entering a team.

Air Ambulance Sims

Open to all clubs in Hampshire and Isle of Wight.  The same hands are played in different clubs throughout the County.  (NB  you cannot play more than once in the week!)  Your score will be ranked against all the other players taking part.  A fun event with proceeds going to this worthy charity.

English Bridge Union

The EBU runs numerous events nationally that all players may enter.

Simultaneous Pairs 

These have a double interest as the game becomes both a local and national competition.  The hands are generated electronically by the EBU and each competing club produces boards in the layout determined.    So, the boards we play are identical to those being played in all other parts of the country.  Although you play initially against other club players when the scores are sent to the EBU they will be amalgamated with all the other players in the country and you will have a national score and rank.  Usually, a commentary is available so if you want to go through the hands and what you should have done you can do so!

NB  We play other SIM pairs in the Club - not always offered by the EBU  eg Children in Need, HIW Air Ambulance


National Inter Club Knockout Competition 

This is a team competition run nationally.  Usually the first rounds are local and then winners will be prepared to travel.  Those knocked out in round 1 are eligible to continue playing for the plate competition.  The Club did enter a team this year. 



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