Charity Donation 2022/23

Wednesday, 09 August 2023 by Christine Thomas

The Club's charity for 2022/23 was Oakhaven Hospice in Pennington.  Members decide on the charity each year and any profit from the fundraising events that the Club holds goes to the chosen charity for the year. Events usually include a charity tea and lunch and as it was the Club's 150th anniversary last year they held more events than usual.

Club members raised the grand total of £589.34 and this amount was presented to Jill West (Community Fund Raising Manager) by Dame Yvonne Moores (Vice Chairman) and Chrissy Thomas (Membership Secretary).

Jill treated both Yvonne and Chrissy to a tour of the hospice to give them an idea of how the community benefits from the facilites and why donations are so valuable to the successful operation of this amazing service. The hospice could not survive without the help of a huge team of volunteers and the generosity of the public.